202nd Field Artillery Battalion
United States Army  World War II

United States Army World War II

roster by battery

These rosters were created using various Battalion records and sources. Some men served
in more than one battery during the War and there may be some errors in these lists.         


Name     Rank or Ranks     Assignment During Combat Operations     Home State

Lewis, Tom, Lt. Col., Commanding Officer, OK                                                                               Northup, John R., Major, Executive and Personnel Officer S-1, OK                                                    Parmer, Glenn G., Major, Operations Officer S-3, TX                                                                         Walker, Charles E., Capt, Assistant Operations Officer S-3, OK                                                    Slemmer, George W., Capt, Liaison Officer (later appointed Assistant Operations
Officer S-3)
, OK                                                                                                                                           
Brown, Harold E., Capt, Intelligence Officer S-2, CO                                                                  Giannetto, Samuel S., 1st Lt, Assistant Intelligence Officer S-2, NY
Greenberg, Sheldon K, 2nd Lt, Assistant Intelligence Officer S-2 & Forward Observer (formerly Assistant Executive & Motor Officer in "A" Battery), RI
Krahn, Richard G., 1st Lt, Liaison Officer (replaced Capt. Slemmer in that position), WI

HQ Battery

Name        Rank or Ranks      MOS         
Home State

Cline, Hugh P., Capt, Battery Commander & Communication Officer, VA
Krahn, Richard G., 1st Lt, Battery Motor Officer (later appointed Battalion
Liaison Officer), WI
Hathaway, Allen L., 1st Lt, Liaison Pilot, OK, Killed In Action
Herr, Orris E., 1st Lt., Liaison Pilot, IA, Killed In Action
Flaherty, John J., 2nd Lt, Assistant Communication Officer, NJ
White, Walter R., 2nd Lt, Liaison Pilot,
Pitt, Walter C., 2nd Lt, Liaison Pilot (replacement for Lt. Hathaway on 1 January 1945), WI  
Kureth, Charles L., 1st Lt, Liaison Pilot (replacement for Lt. Herr on 11 January 1945), MI
Kirby, Melvin L., 2nd Lt, Liaison Pilot ( replaced Lt. Pitt who left in
February 1945 for
a new assignment with the 79th Infantry Division), IA

Anderson, Leonard G., Pvt-Pfc, Truck Driver, OK
App, Kenneth W., Pfc-T/4, Radio Operator, OH, Killed In Action
Babcock, Charles W., Pfc- T/5, Field Lineman, IL 
Bafkas, James G., Pvt-Pfc, Field Lineman, IL, Killed In Action
Bambach, Frank A., T/5, Radio Operator, OH
Baran, Joseph F., Pvt-Pfc-T/5, Radio Operator, PA
Barnes, Jack, Pvt
Barnett, Lester B., Pfc-T/5-T/4-S/Sgt, Automotive Mechanic, TN
Bauldwin, Alfred T.(Tommy), Pvt, Cook, AR
Bendle, Harold W., Pvt-Pfc-Cpl, (also Service Battery), OK
Berger, Joseph, Pvt, Switchboard Operator & Heavy Machine Gunner, CA
Berryman, William T., Pvt-Pfc, Field Lineman, TN
Blair, Roy C., Pfc-Cpl, Scout, OK
Boger, Kenneth, Pfc, Anti-Aircraft Machine Gunner, IN
Bolin, Jesse R., T5-T/4, Radio Repairman, SC
Bray, Arthur M., Pvt-Pfc-T/5, Cook, OK
Bullock, James A., Sgt-S/Sgt, Survey and Instrument Man, OK
Bumpass, Horace M., T/4, Operations Non-Commissioned Officer, OK
Cahall, Noble F., Pvt-Pfc-T/5, Truck Driver, PA
Christ, Elvin D., Cpl-T/4, Clerk-Typist, TX
Cicalese, Basil A., Pvt, (also C Battery), Heavy Machine Gunner, NJ 
Clark, Edward C., Pfc- T/5-Cpl, Field Lineman, Il
Clark, Edward S., Sgt-S/Sgt-T/Sgt, Communications Chief, OK
Cole, Roy L., Pvt-Cpl-T/4, Heavy Machine Gunner, MO
Coticchia, Michael R., Pvt-Pfc, Field Lineman, PA
Crow, Lee L., Cpl, OK
Darlington, Bruce A., Pvt-Pfc, Truck Driver, WV
De Corpo, Mike A., Pvt, OH
Della Coletta, Albert, Pvt-Pfc-T/5-T/4, OH
Dreyer, Carl, Pfc, Rifleman,
Dutchess, Marshall K., Pfc-T/4-S/Sgt, OH
Evans, George B., Pvt-Pfc, Clerk, PA
Farris, Paul E., Pvt- T/5, Scout, PA
Fitzsimmons, George, Pfc, Cook, WI
Folmer, Shirk B., Pvt-Pfc-Cpl, Heavy Machine Gunner, PA
Forman, Charles W., S/Sgt-T/Sgt, IN
Fox, Bernard W., Cpl-S/Sgt-T/Sgt, Field Wire Chief, IN
Frye, Paul, Cpl, Heavy Machine Gunner, OH 
Gazzola, Frank J., T/5-T/4, Radio Operator, NY
Gourno, John L., Sgt, Classification Specialist, OH
Griffith, Paul W., Pfc- T/5-S/Sgt, Field Lineman, PA                                                                        
Gruby, Carlton, Cpl, NY                                                                                                                                         Haggerty, James W., Pfc-T/5, Radio Operator, PA                                                                          Hammill, William T., Pvt-Pfc-Cpl-T/4-S/Sgt, Radio Operator, PA                                                            Hardin, Simon D., Pfc, Duty Soldier-Dishwasher, OK                                                                     Harman, William S., S/Sgt-1st/Sgt, Quartermaster Supply Technician, WV

Hoefke, Oscar R., T/4, Cook, WI

Hollis, John W., Pvt-T/5-T/4, Radio Repairman, OK

Hontula, John E., T/5-T/4-S/Sgt-T/Sgt, Administrative NCO, OH

Ingram, William W., Cpl-T/4, Field Wire Chief, OK

Jennison, Francis M., M/Sgt, Administrative NCO, OK

Johns, Elmore L., Pvt-Cpl-S/Sgt, Field Wire Chief, OK

Jones, Davis S., Pfc-T/5-T/4, Airplane and Engine Mechanic, OH
Jones, Merle, T/Sgt-1st Sgt, Administrative NCO & First Sergeant, OK

Kawecki, John J., T/4, Cook, PA

Kirby, Loren L., T/3, Air Observer, WY

Kolb, Henry J., Pvt

Krauss, Harry M., T/5, Survey and Instrument Man, PA

Larson, Harold J., Cpl-T/4-S/Sgt-T/Sgt, Survey and Instrument Man, OH

Lauten, Fred C., S/Sgt-T/Sgt, Administrative NCO, MO

Lewis, Olin D., Pvt-Cpl, Field Wire Chief, OK 

Lewis, Roy A., Cpl, Field Wire Chief, OK

Long, Leroy D., T/5-S/Sgt, Clerk-Typist, SD

Marcum, Clarence H., Pvt-Pfc, Heavy Machine Gunner, MD

Martin, Ralph J., Jr., Pfc, Heavy Machine Gunner, MD

Marzocco, Joseph I., Pfc, Radio Operator, PA, (KIA)

Matthews, Hobert J., Pvt, Heavy Machine Gunner, PA

McDaniel, Ross T., T/4-S/Sgt, Mess Sergeant, KS

McQuate, Doyle E., Pvt-Pfc, OH

Meharg, Douglas, Sgt-S/Sgt, Automotive Mechanic, OK

Mika, Andy, Pvt-Pfc- T/5, Cook, OH

Miller, Donal E., Pfc- T/5-T/4, Fire Control Instrument Operator, OH

Miller, Robert F., Pvt- T/4, Fire Control Instrument Operator, WV

Miner, Charles J., T/5, Switchboard Operator, MI

Morkunas, Peter T., Pvt-Pfc-T/5, Heavy Machine Gunner, PA

Mudge, David L., T/5-T/4, Survey and Instrument Man, MO

Myzk, Walter, Pvt-T/5, Radio Operator, OH

Nechvatal, Lawrence J., Sgt-S/Sgt, Quartermaster Supply Technician, OH

Noll, William E.,  Pvt-Pfc, WV

Osborn, Jack P., T/4-S/Sgt-1st Sgt, Air Observer, OK

Patterson, Wilburn W., T/4-T/Sgt-S/Sgt, Radio Repair (also A & C ), OK

Peck, Norman A., T/5-T/4, Fire Control Instrument Operator, MI

Perkins, Aubrey B., S/Sgt-M/Sgt, IL

Peterlin, Andrew, Pvt-T/5-T/4, OH

Porter, James E., Pvt-T/5-T/4, Radio Repairman, OH

Ray, Clifford L., Pfc- T/5, Automotive Mechanic, OK

Royse, Walter W., Pvt-Pfc, Wire and Telegraph Operator, OH, Killed in Action

Schneider, Thomas I., Pvt-Pfc, OH

Schoonover, Merle F., Pvt, (later Service Battery), OK

Schuessler, Harry K., Pvt-Pfc-Cpl, Truck Driver, PA
Singletary, Myers E., Pvt-Cpl-S/Sgt, Field Lineman, SC
Spears, Floyd M., T/5, Radio Operator, OK
Stack, Walter E., Pfc-Cpl, NE
Stockton, Raymond, Pvt-Pfc, Duty Soldier III, PA
Sykes, Frederick S., Pfc-T/5- T/4, IL
Taylor, Paul E., Cpl-Sgt, Message Center Clerk, OH
Thomas, Ernest I., Pvt-Pfc, OH
Thompson, Albert T., Pvt-Pfc-T/5, PA
Thompson, Louis D., Pvt-Pfc, Truck Driver, WV
Thurman, Lonnie I., Pvt, Field Lineman, OK
Tisher, Harold A.,  Pvt-T/5-T/4, Automotive Mechanic, OH

Tucker, Hubert C., Pvt-T/5, Field Lineman, OK

Tucker, Morris E., Pvt-Sgt, Message Center Chief, OK

Vernon, Emery E., Pfc-T/5, Heavy Machine Gunner, (also C Battery)

Veselenak,Mike, Pvt-Pfc-T/5, Field Lineman, OH

Ward, Charles K., Pfc-Cpl, Heavy Machine Gunner, WV

West, Louie L., Pvt-Cpl, Truck Driver, AR

Williams, Dean M., Pvt-Pfc, Truck Driver, MD

Williams, Harman W., Pvt-Pfc, WV

Williams, Robert L., Pvt-Pfc-T/5, Truck Driver, OK

Wynne, Samuel B. Jr., Pfc, Switchboard Operator, OK


“A” Battery

 Name        Rank or Ranks      MOS          Home State

Londeen, Dudley R., 1st Lt-Capt, Battery Commander, KS
Baker, Flavey E., 1st Lt, Executive Officer, TX
Flagg, Gurdon B., 1st Lt, Reconnaissance Officer (later appointed Executive Officer of
"A" Battery), IL
Brantley, Kenneth R., 2nd Lt, Assistant Executive & Motor Officer (later appointed Reconnaissance Officer for "A" Battery), OK
Greenberg, Sheldon K, 2nd Lt, Assistant Executive & Motor Officer (replaced Lt. Brantley in
that position & later appointed as an Assistant Intelligence Officer S-2), RI
Levine, William, 2nd Lt, Assistant Executive & Motor Officer (replaced Lt. Greenberg in
that position), NY
Lozano, Michael V., 2nd Lt, Reconnaissance Officer, CA

Abeyta, Alfred, Pvt, Gun Crewman, NM
Ablett, Elmer F., Jr, Pfc-Cpl, Ammunition Handler, PA
Adams, Charles B., Pvt-Pfc-Cpl-Sgt., Heavy Machine Gunner, OH 
Allen, Eugene B., Pfc 
Andrick, Joseph A., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, PA 
Arbaugh, Glavis R., Pvt-Pfc, OH 
Arnold, Claude E., T/4(Sgt), Artillery Mechanic, OK 
Back, William H., S/Sgt, Mess Sergeant, OK 
Baker, Larry L., Pvt, Gun Crewman 
Ball, George O., T/5(Cpl)-1st Sgt, Radio Operator & First Sergeant, OK 
Barker, William H., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman 
Barnes, Howard F., Pfc, Gun Crewman, MI 
Batchelor, John E., Pvt, Field Lineman, NC
Bay, Herchal E., Sgt., Chief of Section, OK 
Bechdel, John M., Cpl-S/Sgt, Fire Control Instrument Operator, OH 
Bergmeir, John H., Cpl-Sgt, Ammunition NCO, IL 
Bober, Eugene, Pfc, Gun Crewman, OK 

Bollinger, Clyde M., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, IL 
Bush, Robert W., T/5(Cpl), Full-Track Driver & Automotive Mechanic, AL 
Byrd, Frank E., S/Sgt , OK
Carmickle, Seba E., Pfc, Gun Crewman, IL 
Cary, Charles W., Pvt-Pfc-Cpl, Gun Crewman, OK 
Case, George R., T/5(Cpl), Full-Track Driver, OK 
Childs, R. T., Cpl-T/4 (Sgt), Radio Operator, OK, (also C Battery) 
Choate, James E., Pfc, IL 
Church, Walter E., Pvt-Pfc, Portable Power Generator Operator & Gun Crewman, OH 
Clark, Lyle E., Pfc-T/5(Cpl), Gun Crewman, OK 
Coffman, George M., Pfc, TX 
Collier, Mack L., T/5(Cpl), Full-Track Driver, OK 
Corbett, Harry M. Sr, Pfc, Field Lineman & Gun Crewman, OK
Crouch, William A., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman 
Cunningham, Wallace D. Jr., Pfc, Gun Crewman, NM 
Deremer, Carl R., Pvt, Field Lineman, PA 
Ellison, Robert J., Pfc, Truck Driver, GA
Fitch, Dale D., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, OK 
Frazier, Junior C., Pvt, Heavy Machine Gunner, KY 
Fulmer, James A., Pfc, Gun Crewman, SC 
Galloway, Fred A., Pvt, Gun Crewman, OK 
Gann, Paul, Pvt, Cannoneer, AR 
Gardner, Dwight F., T/5(Cpl), Cook, OK 
Gregory, Josef, Pvt-Cpl, Clerk-Typist, MI 
Grubb, Harvey J., Pfc-T/5, Gun Crewman, OH 
Hanson, Clarence E., Pfc-Cpl, Truck Driver & Field Lineman 
Harris, LeRoy, T/5(Cpl), Telephone Switchboard Operator 
Hayworth, Asa C., Pvt-Pfc, Ammunition Handler, OK 
Himes, Charles H., Sgt, Chief of Section, OK 
Hobbs, Nelson J., S/Sgt, Chief of Section, OK 
Jackson, Arthur A., Pvt-Pfc-T/5, Gun Crewman, OH 
Johnson, Edward C., Pvt-Pfc, CT 
Johnson, Jack L., Pvt 
Johnson, William H., Pvt-Cpl-Sgt, Ammunition NCO 
Johnston, Denton Richard Jr., T/5(Cpl), Fire Control Instrument Operator,
KS, (also C Battery) 
Jones, Alfred P., T/5(Cpl)-T/4 (Sgt), OK 
Joyce, Lester F., Pvt, OH, Killed in Action 
Kackley, Harley O., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, WV 

Karger, Samuel, T/5(Cpl), Postal Clerk, NY, (also Service Battery) 
Karwoski, James J., Pvt-Cpl-Sgt, Ammunition NCO, MD 
Ketchum, Clarence S., T/5(Cpl), Full Track Driver, OK 
Keyes, Richard H., Cpl-S/Sgt-1st Sgt, Scout, OH 
Knoche, Clarence W., MO 
Kronberg, John A., Pvt, Gun Crewman, NJ 
Lantto, Toivo A., Cpl, Gun Crewman, MI 
Letusick, John W. Jr., Pfc-T/4, OH 
Little, Clark R., Cpl-Sgt, Heavy Machine Gunner, OH 
Lowe, Clarence E., Cpl-S/Sgt, Survey and Instrument Man & Scout, IN 
Madsen, Charlie, Pvt, Gun Crewman, SD 
Markson, Allen W., T/5(Cpl)-T/4(Sgt), Radio Operator & Repairman, MN 
Matthews, James R., Cpl-S/Sgt, Forward Observer, OK 
McAnally, Hoyt D., Cpl, Recorder and Scout Corporal, OK, Killed in Action 
Meirndorf, Glenn F., Pfc, Field Lineman, MI 
Miller, Glenn R., Pfc-T/4(Sgt), Tank and Construction Equipment Mechanic, IL 
Miller, Phillip C., Pvt
Mizerak, Paul, Pfc, Rifleman 
Mobley, Wayne H., S/Sgt, IL 
Moon, Leo Jr., Pvt, NC 
Mullins, Charles F., Sgt, Fire Control Instrument Operator, OK 
Nerge, Bernard F., T/5(Cpl), Truck Driver, IL 
Norman, Jack, Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, AR 
O’Brate, Elmer J., T/5(Cpl), Field Lineman, OK 
Ough, Merle C., Pfc 
Overfelt, Arley R., Cpl, Gun Crewman, OK, (also C Battery) 
Pasquinelli, Joseph L., Pvt-S/Sgt, Cook, PA 
Patterson, Wilburn W., Pvt-T/4-T/Sgt-S/Sgt, Radio Operator & Repairman, OK, (also C and
HQ Battery) 
Pawelek, John C., Pvt 
Perdue, Marion E., Pvt-Pfc, IN 
Pisaneschi, Ernest, Pvt-Pfc, Field Lineman, OH 
Pittman, James E., Pvt-Pfc, Rifleman, NC 
Purdy, Embert Newton, S/Sgt, Automotive Mechanic, OK 
Pursley, Okey Glen, Pfc-Cpl, Gun Crewman, OH, (or B Battery) 
Riippa, John R., Pvt-Pfc-T/5, Truck Driver, MI 
Roark, Charles H., Cpl, Gun Crewman, OK 
Robinson, Cecil L., T/4, Radio Repairman, OK 

Robinson, James O., Pfc, WV, Killed in Action
Robinson, Joe D., S/Sgt., Forward Observer, OK 
Rutherford, George L., Pfc, Gun Crewman, TN 
Sarver, Donald H., Pfc-T/5, Field Lineman 
Schmidt, Raymond J., Pfc-T/5, Radio Operator 
Schnack, Melvin W., Pfc-T/5, Truck Driver, OK 
Sloan, Donald R., Cpl-Sgt, Chief of Section, MO 
Smith, Elmo C. K., Pfc-Cpl, Gun Crewman, OK 
Smith, William W., Pfc, Ammunition Handler, IN 
Smolinski, Walter, Pfc, Gun Crewman, OH 
Snider, Paul C., Cpl, OK 
Snow, Battle C., Pvt-Pfc, Ammunition Handler, VA 
Speed, Emmett L., Cpl-Sgt, Gun Crewman, AL 
Stefaniak, Clemens F., Pfc, Gun Crewman, MI 
Stimac, Joseph A., Cpl, Ammunition NCO, MI 
Sudar, Fred, Sgt, Chief of Section, OH 
Townsend, James E., Pfc-T/5(Cpl), Gun Crewman, MD 
Trammell, Ernest W., Pfc, Gun Crewman, GA
Tucker, Robert H., Pvt
Van Pool, William H., Pvt, PA 
Wagner, Thell E., T/5, Full-Track Driver, OK, (also C Battery) 
Wetzel, Wilbert Edward, T/5(Cpl), Full-Track Driver, IL 
Wheeler, Clarence W., 1st/Sgt, First Sergeant, OK 
Whitman, Russell M., Pfc-T/5(Cpl)-S/Sgt, Survey and Instrument Man, PA 
White, Robert J., Pvt-Pfc, (or B Battery) 
Wicker, Joseph E., Pfc, Gun Crewman, PA 
Winemiller, Hayward Oval, Pfc, Gun Crewman, WV 
Zalewski, Edward I., Pfc, Heavy Machine Gunner, PA 
Ziolkowski, Roman L., Pfc, Gun Crewman, PA

"B" Battery 

                       Name            Rank or Ranks         MOS            Home State

McConahay, James A., Capt, Battery Commander (later served as Battalion
Supply Officer S-4 and Service Battery Commander), OK
Oothoudt, Otis W., 1st Lt, Battery Commander (replaced Capt. McConahay in
that position), MN 

U'Ren, Lester A., 1st Lt, Executive Officer, WI
Rice, Arthur, 2nd Lt-1st Lt, Reconnaissance Officer
Krause, Marvin W., 2nd Lt, Assistant Executive & Motor Officer, NE

Adams, Cecil H., Pfc, Gun Crewman, Medium Artillery, WV 
Ambrose, Alfred J., Pvt-Pfc-S/Sgt, Gun Crewman, NV 
Bahm, Theodore J., T/4(Sgt), Artillery Mechanic, OK 
Balerio, Tony M., Field Lineman & Radio Operator, CO 
Banks, John C., Pvt-Pfc, Heavy Machine Gunner, PA 
Bayouth, Jim J., T/5(Cpl), Postal Clerk, OK 
Beggs, James E., T/5(Cpl)-Cpl -S/Sgt, Field Wire Chief, TX 
Boggs, Howard, Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman & Full-Track Driver, KY 
Brown, Early B., Pvt, Gun Crewman 
Burns, Harry J., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, AR 
Cable, Kenneth B., S/Sgt, Mess Sergeant, OK 
Callahan, William C., Pvt 
Capps, James R., Sgt-S/Sgt, Chief of Section, FL 
Casto, Clyde A., Pfc, Gun Crewman, OH 
Childs, John J., Pvt, Ammunition Handler & Heavy Machine Gunner, OK 
Clark, Edward A. Jr., T/5(Cpl), Full-Track Driver & Communications Chief, OK 
Clark, Guilford E., Cpl-Sgt, Chief of Section, TN 
Clements, Hersel U., Pfc, Gun Crewman, IN 
Congdon, Lawrence H., Pfc, Gun Crewman, IL 
Couture, Joseph J. M., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, NJ 
Cowsert, Clarence E., Pvt, IL 
Crowder, Hallie E., T/5(Cpl)-Cpl, Field Lineman, IL 
Davis, Creyton L., Pfc, Gun Crewman, OK 
Dermid, John T., Cpl-S/Sgt, Survey and Instrument Man, OK 
Donnelly, Leo J., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, SD 
Doshen, Charles C., T/4 (Sgt), Gun Crewman, WV 
Dosier, David J., Pvt-Pfc, Telephone Switchboard Operator, IL 
Doty, Walter, T/5(Cpl), Truck Driver & Full-Track Driver, IL 
Drury, Eudell M., Pvt-Pfc-Cpl, Heavy Machine Gunner, ME 
Durrwachter, Harold G., Pfc, Anti-Aircraft Machine Gunner, PA
Emerson, Everett M., Pvt, OK 
Eshelman, Clyde F., T/5(Cpl)-T/4(Sgt), Automotive Mechanic, OH 
Eyers, Orville C., Pvt-Pfc, Ammunition Handler, WI 
Fascko, Frank, Pfc, Gun Crewman, OH 
Fickus, Frank W., T/5(Cpl.), Radio Operator, MD 
Flynn, Eugene C., Pvt, Basic, OH 
Fox, William W., T/4(Sgt), Construction Equipment Mechanic, OK 
Freeman, Frederick F., Pfc, Radio Operator & Field Lineman, NC 
Gales, Charles G., Pvt-Pfc, Automotive Mechanic, MO 
Glassick, Martin L., Sgt, Gun Crewman, PA 
Graham, Joe J., Pfc, Rifleman, TX 
Gravitt, Roy W., Pfc, Ammunition Handler, GA 
Gray, L. T., Pvt-Pfc-Cpl, Scout, SC 
Greiner, Eugene C., Pfc-Cpl, Ammunition NCO, OH 
Griggs, William H., T/5(Cpl), Truck Driver, IA 
Grogg, Leonard L., Pfc, Gun Crewman, WV 
Halferty, Donal L., Cpl, Heavy Machine Gunner, IN 
Hartman, Raymond F., 1st Sgt, First Sergeant, MO 
Hedler, Edward A., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, IL 
Hetrick, Clifford E., Pfc, Gun Crewman, MI 
Hiatt, Carl A., Pvt-Pfc-S/Sgt, Gun Crewman, OK 
Hovorka, Anton J., Pfc, Gun Crewman, NE 
Huggins, Melvin F. Jr., Pfc, Truck Driver, OH 
Hutchinson, Clarence W., Pvt-Pfc, Full-Track Driver, WA
Ing, Raymond, Pvt, Full-Track Driver, OK 
Jackson, Robert H., Pfc, Gun Crewman, OK 
Jackson, Rowland J., Pfc, Gun Crewman 
Johnson, Carmel W., T/4(Sgt), Radio Repairman, OK 
Joines, Eldred G. A., T/5(Cpl), Full-Track Driver, IA 
Jones, Herman D., Pvt-Sgt-S/Sgt, Chief of Section, OK 
Kelly, Charles B., Pvt, Gun Crewman, OH 
Kennedy, Harold E., S/Sgt-1st Sgt, Automotive Mechanic, WV 
Komora, Joseph H., Pvt, OH 
Krantosky, John M., Cpl-Sgt-S/Sgt, Gun Crewman, PA 
Kreckel, Lyle E., Cpl-Sgt, Chief of Section, PA 
Krol, Stanley, Pvt-Pfc, Heavy Machine Gunner, OH 
Lack, Joseph S. Jr., Pfc-Cpl, Gun Crewman, PA 
Lapinski, Chester A., Pvt-Pfc, MO 
MacZko, Nicholas M., Pfc-S/Sgt, Gun Crewman, OH 
Marakas, Nick, Pfc, OH 
Marsh, Woodrow W., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, PA 
Martin, Frank, Pvt-T/5(Cpl), OH 
McMurray, Frank M. Jr., Pfc-Cpl, Fire Control Instrument Operator & Scout, OH 
Meltabarger, Archie B., Cpl, Heavy Machine Gunner, OK 
Morehead, Elbert R. Jr., Pvt, Basic, OK 
Mummert, Alvin C., Pfc-Cpl, Ammunition NCO, MD 
Nace, Merrill L., Pfc-Cpl, Gun Crewman, OH 
Nelson, Harvey O., Cpl-Sgt, Ammunition NCO, MI 
Osborn, Dorsey V., S/Sgt-1st Sgt, OK 
Pabon, Victor C. 
Parker, William H., Pvt, OK, Killed In Action 
Petty, Kenneth M., Cpl-S/Sgt-1st Sgt, Clerk-Typist, MO 
Piispanen, Edward Victor, Pfc, Gun Crewman, MN 
Piper, August, Pfc-Cpl-Sgt, Radio Operator, OH 
Prentiss, William O., Pvt-Pfc, Field Lineman, SC 
Privitera, Joseph, Pvt-Pfc- T/5(Cpl), Ammunition Handler & Heavy Machine Gunner, NY 
Prokopec, John, Pfc, Gun Crewman, PA 
Pursley, Okey Glen, Pfc-Cpl, Gun Crewman, OH, (or A Battery) 
Rasmussen, William F., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, MN 
Reagle, Boyd A., Pvt, PA 
Salmon, Robert W. 
Saunier, Alva E., Cpl-Sgt-S/Sgt, Truck Driver & Gun Crewman, OH 
Seibert, Donald E., Pfc, Gun Crewman, PA 
Shirley, Walter M., T/5(Cpl), Telephone Switchboard Operator, OK 
Simpson, Alvin G., T/5(Cpl.), Truck Driver & Scout, MI 
Sisco, James W., T/5(Cpl)-S/Sgt, Full-Track Driver, NE 
Smith, Ralph W., Pvt, Bugler & Full-Track Driver, OK
Smith, William Theo, Cpl, 
Sobieski, Casimer V., S/Sgt, Chief of Section, MI 
Sternad, Ollie A., Cpl, Ammunition NCO, SD 
Stultz, Carl N., Pvt, Clerk-Typist, IN 
Tate, Billy C., Sgt, OK 
Tucker, Jack I., Pfc, Truck Driver 
Valentine, John J., Pvt, Field Lineman
Veal, Ralph L., Cpl-Sgt, Gun Crewman, OK 
Wainuskis, Albert Paul, Pfc-T/4(Sgt), Survey and Instrument Man, OK 
Walker, James M., Pvt, Tractor Driver, NC 
Walker, O. C., T/5(Cpl), Cook, OK
Wallace, Henry O., Pvt, Gun Crewman, MO
Walton, William R., T/4(Sgt), Cook, OK
Wells, William J., Pfc, Gun Crewman,
Wesling, Henry, Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, PA
White, Robert J., Pvt-Pfc, (or B Battery)
Whitmire, Haston E., Pfc, Gun Crewman, AR
Wilcox, James W., Cpl-T/4(Sgt), Radio Operator, OK
Wright, Stewart L., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, NY
Yasperro, Frank, Pfc-T/5, Field Lineman, NY
Yost, Arba Norton, Pfc-Sgt, NE
Zalewski, Edward I., Pvt-Pfc, Heavy Machine Gunner 


                                                    “C” Battery

Name       Rank or Ranks        MOS           Home State

Cantrell, Robert B., Capt, Battery Commander
Oothoudt, Otis W., 1st Lt, Executive Officer (later appointed as "B" Battery Commander), MN
Farrell, James A., 1st Lt, Assistant Executive & Motor Officer (later appointed Executive
Officer of "C" Battery), KS
White, John W., 1st Lt, Reconnaissance Officer, WV, Killed In Action
Beeson, John A. Jr., 2nd Lt, Reconnaissance Officer (replaced Lt. White), IA
Farrar, Clayton P., 2nd Lt, Assistant Executive & Motor Officer (replaced Lt. Farrell in that position), GA
Greenbaum, David R., 1st Lt, Reconnaissance Officer (replaced Lt. Beeson in that position on
5 March 1945), NY 

Baker, George, Pfc, Ammunition NCO, NC, (also Service Battery)
Barcroft, Dan C., Pvt, OK
Barnes, Edward L., Pfc, Gun Crewman, MS
Barnes, Noel E., Pfc-Cpl-Sgt, Gun Crewman, MO
Bashleben, Richard J., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, IL 
Beckwith, Archie E., Pvt-Pfc-Cpl, Heavy Machine Gunner, MI 
Bennett, Morris O., Pvt-Pfc-Cpl, Gun Crewman, TX
Boitnott, Walter G., Pvt, (also Service Battery), IL 
Brenner, Fred H., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, OH
Burkey, Clarence E., Pvt-T/5, OH
Capehart, William E., Sgt, Chief of Section, OK
Carrado, Joseph L., Pvt, MD
Cary, Charles W., Pvt-Pfc-Cpl, Gun Crewman, OK
Case, George R., T/5, Full-Track Driver, OK
Childs, R. T., Cpl-T/4, Radio Operator, OK, (also A Battery)
Ciongoli, Costable L., Pvt, Cook, PA
Clayton, Thomas D., Pfc, Gun Crewman
Cocciardo, Tony J., Cpl-Sgt, Gun Crewman, PA
Condren, Robert G., Pfc, Heavy Machine Gunner, OH
Cook, Carl, Pfc
Cox, Glenn E., Cpl-T/4, Gun Crewman, IN 
Crossland, Richard R., Pvt-T/5, Full-Track Driver, OK
Curtis, Jimroe, Pvt-T/5(Cpl), Radio Operator, OK
Davis, Robert L., Pvt-T/5(Cpl), Full-Track Driver, AZ
DeLuca, Lawrence J., Pfc-Cpl-Sgt, Gun Crewman, PA
Dey, Raymond E., Pvt-Pfc-T/5, Truck Driver, OK, (also Service Battery)
Di Bella, Natale R., Pvt, NJ
Dockins, J. T., T/5, Full-Track Driver, (earlier assigned to Medical Detachment), AR
Donald, Alonzo M., Cpl- T/4, Ammunition NCO, SC
Downey, Eugene M., Pfc, Gun Crewman, AL
England, Wylie Paul, Pvt-Pfc, TX
Evans, Edwin R., T/4-S/Sgt, Cook, IL
Fann, Clarence E., Cpl, Full-Track Driver, IL
Fisher, Stanley P., Pfc-Cpl-Sgt, Gun Crewman, NE 
Fitzgerald, Herbert L., Pvt, Gun Crewman, VA
Fowler, Francis L., Pfc, Gun Crewman, IL
Gawlik, Casimir, Pfc, Gun Crewman, IL
Grant, Delmer W.
Greer, Billie J., Pvt-T/5(Cpl), Full-Track Driver, OK
Groves, Ira W., Pfc-Cpl, Gun Crewman, MO
Guiles, Howard D., Cpl, OK
Hamilton, Thomas C., Pvt-T/5-S/Sgt, Supply Clerk, OK, (earlier Service Battery)
Hammer, Edward V., Pfc-Cpl-S/Sgt, Scout, OK
Harp, Paul G., Pvt, Heavy Machine Gunner, IL
Harper, Irl W., T/5(Cpl)-S/Sgt, OK
Hofmeister, John C., T/5-Sgt, Full-Track Driver, PA
Houseman, William C., Pvt-Pfc, PA
Ilbrink, George I., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, MI
Johanson, Martin, T/5(Cpl)-T/4, Truck Driver, IL
Johnston, Denton R. Jr., T/5, Fire Control Instrument Operator, KS, (also A Battery)
Keaton, Frank A., Pvt, Ammunition Handler, AZ
Kelso, Thelbert, T/5(Cpl), Truck Driver, OK
Kopplin, Romaine H., Pvt-Pfc-Cpl, Survey and Instrument Man, WI
Kregosky, Athony J., Pvt-Pfc-T/5, Field Lineman, PA
Lach, Mike J., Gun Crewman, PA
Laderman, Harry, Pvt, MD
LaMascus, James A., S/Sgt, OK
Langford, Herman C., Sgt, Chief of Section, AZ 
Lauterburg, Frederick G., Pvt-T/5, IL
Lewis William A., Pvt, PA
Lobianco, Joseph S., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, TN
Louthan, Jimmie F., T/4-Sgt-S/Sgt, Construction Equipment Mechanic, OK
Lubbes, Charles B., T/5, OK
Lukachko, George, Pfc, Field Lineman, PA
Majnaric, William J., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, PA
Malloy, George W., T/5
Marroulis, Lewis G., Pvt-Pfc, OH
Marshall, Pittman H., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, MD
May, Oran C., Cpl, Ammunition NCO, OK
McCart, John W., Cpl-S/Sgt, Survey and Instrument Man, OH
McQuilliams, Vernon C., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman & Truck Driver, OK
Menas, Pete, T/4-Sgt, WV
Miller, William A., Pfc-T/5, Truck Driver, DC 
Molloy, George W., T/5, Full-Track Driver
Moran, Joseph W., Pfc-T/4, Cook, PA
Moreno, Osbaldo N., Pvt, Basic, TX
Motis, Henry, T/5, Full-Track Driver
Mudik, Thomas, T/5, Cook
Nebesney, Michael M., Pfc-T/5-T/4, Cook, PA
Norman, Herbert S., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, OH
Oliver, Elvie M., Pfc, Gun Crewman, OK
Orishek, Milan E., Cpl, Gun Crewman, IN
Overfelt, Arley R., Cpl, Gun Crewman, OK, (also “A” Battery)
Owsiany, Edward, Pvt, Gun Crewman, PA
Pacheco, Guillermo A., Pfc, Gun Crewman, AZ
Palash, L.B.Anton, Pvt-Pfc-T/4, Artillery Mechanic, OK
Patterson, Wilburn W., Pvt-T/4-T/Sgt-S/Sgt, Radio Operator & Repairman,
OK, (also A & HQ Battery)
Peak, Henry R., OK
Peiffer, Wilmer E., Pvt, OH, (also Service Battery)
Perez, Joseph R., Pvt-Pfc-Cpl, Clerk-Typist, (also Service Battery)
Peters, Eugene G., Pfc-Cpl, Radio Operator, OH
Phillips, Emmerson A., Cpl-T/4, Gun Crewman, IL
Pisarcik, George W., Cpl, OH
Pocklington, Joseph W., Cpl, Clerk-Typist & Classification Specialist,
Polish, L. B. A.
Pomeroy, Erwin W., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, OH
Robinson, Everett H., Cpl-S/Sgt, Survey and Instrument NCO, OK
Ryan, John R., Pfc, Truck Driver & Cook, PA
Sacco, Thomas, Pvt-Pfc-T/5, Ammunition Handler, PA
Saunders, George F., Pfc-T/5, OH
Schiefer, Nick, Pfc-Cpl, Gun Crewman, MI
Shadid, Romis, Pfc, Gun Crewman, OK
Sheehan, Joseph P., S/Sgt-1st/Sgt, Quartermaster Supply Technician, MI
Sheidberg, Victor H., Cpl, Heavy Machine Gunner, OK
Shelton, Brown O., 1st/Sgt, First Sergeant, OK
Shelton, Fred A., S/Sgt, Automotive Mechanic, OK
Sheppard, William A., Sgt, Chief of Section, OH
Shimchock, George, Pfc, Gun Crewman, PA
Shirley, William C. Jr., Cpl, SC, Killed In Action
Small, William C., Pvt-Pfc-T/5, Gun Crewman, WV
Sohlberg, Roy C., Pvt-Pfc, Field Lineman
Speake, Grover J., Pvt, Gun Crewman, (earlier Service Battery)
Spelts, Court E., Pfc, Gun Crewman, CO
Stenger, Robert G., Pfc-Cpl, Heavy Machine Gunner, WV
Stephens, James A., Pvt-Pfc, Heavy Machine Gunner, OH
Szurgocinski, Raymond E., Pfc, Field Lineman, Killed In Action
Tarman, Paul A., Pvt-Pfc, Heavy Machine Gunner, OH
Thomas, Garrett J., Pfc-Cpl, Gun Crewman, KS
Turner, Wendall F., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, PA
Vernish, Stanley Jr., Pvt-Pfc, Gun Crewman, WV
Vernon, Emery E., Pfc, Heavy Machine Gunner, (earlier HQ Battery)
Wagner, Lloyd J., Pfc, Gun Crewman
Wagner, Thell E., T/5, Full-Track Driver, OK, (also A Battery)
Wanstreet, Michael E., T/5-Cpl- T/4, OH
Watkinson, Charles R., Pvt-Pfc-T/5, Field Lineman, OH
Weimer, Elmer G., S/Sgt, Chief of Section, OK
Weinman, Robert C., Pfc-Cpl-S/Sgt, Heavy Machine Gunner, PA
Williams, Billy D., T/4, Radio Repairman, OK
Williams, Vincel R., T/5-S/Sgt, Automotive Mechanic
Wood, Kenneth W., S/Sgt, Mess Sergeant, OK 

                                          Service Battery

                               Name         Rank or Ranks       MOS        Home State

Morton, John K., Capt, Battery Commander & Battalion Supply Officer S-4 (later appointed
Battalion Motor Officer)
McConahay, James A., Capt, Battery Commander & Battalion Supply Officer
S-4 (replaced Capt. Morton in that position)
King, John B., 1st Lt., Ammunition Officer
Beeson, John A. Jr., 2nd Lt, Battery Motor Officer (later appointed Reconnaissance Officer of
"C" Battery), OH
Grote, Marion B., CWO, Assistant Battalion Supply Officer S-4, OK
Schleier, George T., 2nd Lt, Battery Motor Officer & Forward Observer, TX, Killed In Action

Akers, William L., Pvt-Pfc-T/5, Truck Driver, MO
Aluotto, Joseph J., Pfc, Cook
Baker, George, Pfc, Ammunition NCO, NC, (later assigned to C Battery)
Benner, Carl C., Cpl-Sgt-1st/Sgt, Ammunition NCO, WV
Bilicki, John S., Pvt
Blair, Acey S., Pvt-Cpl, Heavy Machine Gunner, TN
Boitnott, Walter G., Pvt, (also C Battery)
Bortoluzzi, Edward B., T/4-S/Sgt, Automotive Mechanic, OK
Briscoe, Roy F., S/Sgt, Quartermaster Supply Technician, OK
Buckmaster, Cecil E., Pvt, Truck Driver, OK
Bull, William L., T/5, Truck Driver, OK
Bullard, Oval, Pfc-T/4, Ammunition Handler, OK
Campbell, Donald A., Pfc
Carter, Roy L., Pfc, Ammunition Handler, NJ
Coody, James I., S/Sgt, OK
Coody, Johnny M., Pvt, Quartermaster Supply Tech & Radio Operator, OK
Dawson, Robert W., S/Sgt-Tech Sgt, Quartermaster Supply Technician, OK
Dey, Raymond E., Pvt-Pfc-T/5, Truck Driver, (also C Battery)
Dicks, Robert E., Pfc-Cpl, Heavy Machine Gunner & Scout, OH
Di Matties, Francis J., Pvt, Truck Driver
Dobroncin, Michael A., Pfc, Radio Operator, PA
Donaldson, Oscar O., Radio Operator, OK
Doris, Francis X., Pfc, Ammunition Handler, NY
Dunlap, John D., S/Sgt-M/Sgt, Automotive Mechanic, OK
Eskew, James T., S/Sgt-1st Sgt, Ammunition NCO, OK
Fitzgerald, Walter B., Cpl-Sgt, Heavy Machine Gunner
Gombash, Dallas, Pvt, OH
Grammer, Lee D., Pfc, Cook, OK
Hackett, Clifford O., Pvt-Pfc-T/5-T/4, Construction Equipment & Tank Mechanic
Hale, Oran E., Pvt-Pfc, Ammunition Handler, Heavy Machine Gunner & Clerk-Typist
Hamilton, Thomas C., Pvt-T/5-S/Sgt, Supply Clerk, (later C Battery)
Himes, Lester A., Sgt-S/Sgt, Supply Clerk
Hinkle, Leland, T/5, Truck Driver, OK
Holmes, Jack M., Sgt-S/Sgt, Ammunition Handler
Johnson, Ralph W., Pvt, Cook
Jones, Asher B., Cpl-Sgt, Ammunition NCO, OK
Jones, Elmer, T/5, OK
Kelly, Ervin A. Jr., Pvt, Truck Driver, OK
Kenair, Andrew J., Truck Driver (earlier Medical Detachment)
Lande, Michael M., Pfc, Ammunition Handler & Heavy Machine Gunner
Lawless, Warren R., Cpl, OK
Linger, French A., Pfc-Cpl, Scout, WV
Lowry, Fred S.
Luckett, Edvin L., T-4 (Sgt), Automotive Mechanic, OK
Marshall, Opal W., T/5, Truck Driver, OK
Martin, Robert T., Pfc-T/5, Ammunition Handler, OK
Mihalik, Joseph A., Pfc-T/5-T/4, Ammunition Handler & Automotive
Mechanic, OH
Montgomery, Jack L., T/5, Truck Driver, OH
Moore, Norman H., Pvt, OK
Mottern, Charles C., IN
Neeley, Floyd, Sgt, Ammunition NCO, OK
Nichol, Henry R.
Odell, Max V., 1st Sgt
Peiffer, Wilmer E., Pvt, OH, (later C Battery
Perez, Joseph R., Pvt-Pfc-Cpl, Clerk-Typist, NY, (also C
Peschong, William M., T/4,
Automotive Mechanic
Pfeiffer, Raymond J., Pfc, Ammunition Handler, Il
Power, Frank, T/4, Welder &
Automotive Mechanic, OK
Pree, Carl H., IL
Revels, Clemy B., Pfc, Heavy Machine Gunner, WI
Rogers, Harold R., Pvt, Truck Driver, CO
Sanchez, Marcelino, Pfc, Heavy Machine Gunner & Ammunition Handler, TX
Schoonover, Merle F., Pvt, (earlier HQ
Slinski, Marion, Cpl, Heavy Machine Gunner, OH
Snyder, Michael, Pvt, Utility Repairman & Gun Crewman, PA
Speake, Grover J., Pvt, Gun Crewman, (later C
Steidley, Percy E., Pfc, Ammunition Handler, OK
Steinacker, George J., Sgt, Ammunition NCO, MD
Student, Carl (or Earl) E., Pvt, Ammunition Handler
Taylor, Francis R., Pfc, Scout, MI
Thomas, Irby, M/Sgt, Construction Equipment & Tank Mechanic, AL
Trivisonno, Tony, Ammunition Handler & Cook, OH
Truax, Alvin L., S/Sgt, Mess Sergeant, MI
Ulatowski, Boteslaw J., Pvt
Watkins, James E., T/4, Cook, OK
Weaver, Martin T., T/4, Radio Operator
West, Sam, T/5, Supply Clerk, OK
Wigenroth, Lawrence H., T/5
Wine, Fleming Jr., WV
Woolf, Robert E., Cpl, Parts Clerk, Automotive
Woolton, Robert M., Pvt, NM
Zimmerman, Glenn C., M/Sgt

                                                                      Medical Detachment

                                Name       Rank or Ranks     MOS      Home State

Thomas, Eugene L., Capt, Battalion Surgeon
Florence, John A., 1st Lt, Battalion Surgeon (replaced Capt. Thomas in December 1944) 

Alexander, Laurence,  Pvt-Pfc,  Surgical Technician, MA
Colburn, Charles F.,  Pfc-T/5,  Surgical Technician, OH
Cooper, Juble C.,  Cpl-T/4-T/3,  Surgical Technician, AR
Edwards, Newton C., T/5-Cpl-S/Sgt, Surgical Technician
& Medical NCO, MO
Feinberg, Julius,  Pfc-T/5,  NJ
Hansen, Walter E. G.,  Pfc-T/5, Surgical Technician, DC
Harkins, Edward J. Jr,  Pfc, Surgical Technician, NJ
, Eugene F. Jr., Pfc-Cpl,  Surgical Technician, AR
Lee, Marion P.,  T/4-T/3,  Surgical Technician, AR
Panquerne, Reginald J. Jr., T/4, Surgical Technician, LA
Williams, Henry F., T/5,  Surgical Technician, AR












































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