202nd Field Artillery Battalion
United States Army  World War II

United States Army World War II


The photo above which is seen on every page of this web site is a 155mm howitzer of "A" Battery, 202nd Field Artillery Battalion in full recoil.  The photo was taken in 1944 or 1945 while the Battalion was in combat in France or Germany.  Photo courtesy of Russell Whitman.

This 10" X 57" panoramic photograph circa February to June 1942 is of the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the 202nd Field Artillery Regiment (recently formed from the 2nd Battalion of the 189th Field Artillery Regiment). It was probably taken at Camp Barkeley, Texas. The photographers stamp on the back was from Abilene, Texas. The 1st Battalion (on the left side) was later reorganized and redesignated as the 202nd Field Artillery Battalion on 1 March 1943. The men are wearing the patch of the General Headquarters Reserve on the left sleeve of their uniforms. This photo belonged to Alvin "Gil" Simpson of "B" Battery. A special thank you to his daughter, Mary Blackard, for sharing it with us. The photographs below are enlargements of some of the battery groups in the 1st Battalion as seen above.


HQ Battery (2nd group from left in panoramic photo). Some identified soldiers in this group are Merle Jones (last row, left of center), possibly Samuel B. Wynne, Jr (in front of Jones and to the left), Elmore L. Johns (front row, 2nd from right), and possibly Morris Tucker (middle of group toward the right side).  

Unknown Battery (4th group from left). 
Officer in front middle with glasses appears to be Lt. Harold E. Brown.

"B" Battery (5th group from left).  Identified soldiers include Cpl. Mann A. Trice (front row, right side), Pfc. Alvin G. Simpson (front row, 2nd from right), Pfc. Casimer Sobieski (front row, 3rd from right), Pvt. John Krantosky (back row, 5th from right), and Cpl. Lyle Kreckel (in front of Krantosky and to the left). 

A group of "B" Battery, 202nd F.A. Bn. soldiers circa 1943 probably at Camp Gruber, OK.
From the John Krantosky collection.

(L-R) Charles C. Doshen, Lyle E. Kreckel, Albert P. Wainuskus, Anton J. Hovorka (with rifle), John M. Krantosky (behind Hovorka), Frank Fascko, Charles B. Kelly, and Chester A. Lapinski.






Private Merle Jones in  basic training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in 1941.

Fort Sill barracks in 1941.
Courtesy of Merle Jones.

Cpl. Lee Crow of HQ Battery, and
friends, at Camp Barkeley, Texas
circa March 1941 - August 1942.

Oklahoma newspaper article
about the "Three Crows". 
Merle Jones collection.

Alvin "Gil" Simpson circa 1942
with a 1942 Dodge 3/4 ton WC series Command/Reconniassance truck marked on rear fender "189th Field Artillery".

General Headquarters Reserve became Army Ground Forces on 9 March 1942.

Merle Jones photo of "A" Battery,
202nd F.A. baseball team at
Camp Gruber, OK 1943. 

Artillery training circa 1943.
Kenneth Brantley photos.





Stationary letterhead 1942.

Btry A, 32nd Bn (Basic Training) Mess Hall
at Ft. Sill, OK 1941. Merle Jones photo.


Pass of Pvt. Merle Jones 1941.






The 202nd was assigned to
General Headquarters Reserve
prior to 9 March 1942.

Field Artillery training circa late 1941-1943.
John Krantosky of "B" Battery front center with white hat.  Some of the men are wearing the old M1917 helmets. All of the Krantosky photos are courtesy of his son, John Krantosky, Jr.

Early training. John Krantosky collection.

John Krantosky (2nd from right). Note the leggins, denim work uniforms, and "Daisy Mae" hats circa late 1941-1943.

Early field artillery training. Photo from
the John Krantosky collection.

John Krantosky on left. Soldier on the right has the 45th Division "Thunderbirds" patch on his left sleeve. The 189th F.A. Regiment was detached from the 45th Division and redesignated as the 202nd Field Artillery Regiment, General HQ Reserve on 11 February 1942.
Photo circa late 1941 - early 1942.

Kenneth R. Brantley
Possibly Fort Sill, Oklahoma
Brantley photos provided by his
daughter, Kathy Brantley Johnson.

David L. Mudge, Jr.
Basic training Ft. Sill 1942

Tents of HQ Battery while on maneuvers at Camp Gruber, OK on 11 November 1942.
Unknown soldiers in these David Mudge photos.

 John M. Krantosky (center) with two unknown 202nd F.A. Bn. soldiers. 










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