202nd Field Artillery Battalion
United States Army  World War II

United States Army World War II


The 202nd Field Artillery Battalion kept an official Journal while they were in combat
from July 1944 through 8 May 1945.  The Journal was a daily account of Battalion operations, movements, personnel matters, and other notable events.  The Journal pages would be forwarded periodically to the Adjutant General's Office in Washington, DC.  The original Journal documents are on file at the National  Archives and Records Administration in College Park, Maryland.  The Journal consists of 500+ pages typewritten on lined 8 1/2" X 11" paper. 

The Battalion would also submit a monthly Unit Journal narrative.  It was a condensed version of the Journal in narrative form typewritten on 8 1/2" X 11" or 8 1/2" X 14" paper.  The Unit Journal narrative consists of approximately 40 pages.  The originals are with the Journal in Records Group: 407, Stack Location: 270/60/17/03, Box: 15974.

202ndFieldArtillery.com has purchased copies of these nearly 600 documents from the National Archives.  It is our hope that eventually they will all be made available to the public on this web page.  Below are samples of the Journal and Unit Journal narrative.

Journal pages for 4 July 1944 (above and below)

Unit Journal narrative for the first few days of December 1944.


Another record source for  Battalion history is "Morning Reports".  Each battery submitted a daily Morning Report which listed the duty station, any personnel transfers or promotions, and the number of officers and enlisted men present for mess the previous day.  The main purpose for the Morning Report was to estimate the number of men that would need to be fed the following day.  These records are archived on microfilm at the National  Archives and Records Administration, National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri.  Morning Reports were completed on a daily basis whether the Battalion was training in the United States or in combat in Europe.  With each of the five batteries submitting Morning Reports, the 202nd Field Artillery Battalion generated 1,825 reports per year!   

Morning Report of "B" Battery for 26 April 1944 while the
Deuce-O-Deuce was stationed at Camp Drumilly, Northern Ireland. 

The National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri is also the repository for  the surviving 20% of Army personnel records from World War II.  The center suffered a disastrous fire in 1973 which destroyed 16 to 18 million Official Personnel Record Files.
If the veteran's personnel file is one of the few that is intact, one will find a wealth of information.

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