202nd Field Artillery Battalion
United States Army  World War II

United States Army World War II

Thanksgiving 1944


On Thanksgiving Day 1944, the 202nd Field Artillery Battalion was in combat position near Brouviller, Moselle, Lorraine, France, about 38 miles from the German border. The Battalion had completed a 27 mile march from Harbouey and was in position ready to fire at 1400 hours. One hour later, orders were received from higher headquarters to close station and wait for movement orders. At 1615 hours, orders were received to reoccupy their present position! In spite of the resulting confusion (and extra work), everyone had the opportunity to enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner. This was on the third day of a four day lull in firing activity. The following is a reprint of the Thanksgiving dinner menu of Headquarters Battery from Thursday, November 23rd.


Last year we gave thanks to God at Camp Howze, Texas and at this Thanksgiving we are especially grateful to God for the guidance he has given us thru all of our engagements. Just after Thanksgiving of “43” we started doing a few odds and ends that we knew would give Hitler a lot of trouble – and they have. After a few weeks of vigorous training such as target practice, field problems, and many other phases – yes inspections included – we departed from Camp Howze on January 6, 1944 for our staging area.
At Camp Miles Standish, Mass. our staging area, we completed our final preparations before departing for overseas. January 19 we steamed out of Boston harbour for foreign territory. Many rumors were circulated as to our destination. Some said we were China bound; others thought Africa; until the Captain of the ship said we would land in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We had a very pleasant voyage, regardless of the fact that everyone had his ups and downs. Mostly “ups”.

Ireland offered many adventures that we will always remember. We can sum up our visit to that Island by recalling: Many long and fast foot marches; a few Irish lasses; several trips to the artillery range up in the mountains covered with frozen peatbogs; and our favorite drink – “MY GUINESS MY GOODNESS” (IT’S GOOD FOR YOU).

In May we were ordered from Ireland to Wheatley, England, near Oxford, where we completed our final training before entry into combat. Motoring to Southampton in beautiful English weather, we loaded on an LST late at night and set sail the following morning for the coast of Normandy.

July second we set foot upon the soil of sunny France. The same day we chose positions and made contact with the enemy. We fought the Normandy Campaign with the First Army under the control of Lt. Gen. Bradley and then went under the control of Lt. Gen. Patton’s Third Army. With him we made the long sweep thru France toward the Siegfried Line; then transferred to the Seventh Army commanded by Lt. Gen. Patch. As we battle our way into Germany, we ask God for continued guidance.





November 23, 1944

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Roast Turkey with Dressing
Giblet Gravey (sic)
Cranberry Sauce
Snowflake Potatoes
Irish Baked Corn
Buttered Peas
* * * * * *
Fruit Cake
Rasin (sic) Pie
Jam - - - Hot Rolls - - - Butter
Coffee       Sugar      Cream
Candies       Gum





Lewis, Tom, Lt. Colonel, Commanding
712 W Main St, Cherokee, Okla.

Northrup, John R., Major, Executive
1510 East Park, Enid, Okla.

Parmer, Glenn G., Major, S-3
306 Garrity Road, San Antonio, Texas

Brown, Harold E., Captain, S-2
Johnston, Colorado.

Slemmer, George W., Capt., Liaison Officer
1112 South First St., Blackwell, Okla.

Thomas, Eugene L., Captain, Bn. Surgeon
5000 “C” St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Walker, Charles E., Captain, Ass’t S-3
1805 W. Oklahoma, Enid, Okla.

Giannetto, Samuel S., 1st Lt., Ass’t S-2
29 First Place, Brooklyn, N. Y.





Cline, Hugh P., Capt., Commanding
Box 134, Dante, Va.

Hathaway, Allen L., 1st Lt. Deceased
1529 SW Binkley, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Herr, Orris E., 1st Lt.
214 S. Elm, Creston, Iowa.

Krahn, Richard G., 1st Lt.
4811 Washington Blvd., Milwaukee, Wisc.

Flaherty, John J., 2nd Lt.
39 Roosevelt Ave., Jersey City, N. J.






Anderson, Leonard G., Pfc, Roff, Okla.
App, Kenneth W., Sgt, 1614 Overlook Ave SW, Massillon, Ohio.
Babcock, Charles W., Pfc, 1224 N 13th Street, Terre Haute, Ind.
Bafkas, James G., Pvt, 1600 W Grand Avenue, Chicago, Ill.
Baran, Joseph F., Pvt, 1409 Columbus Avenue, Northside Pittsburg, Pa.
Barnett, Lester B., Cpl, Rt 1, Johnson City, Tenn.
Bauldwin, Alfred T., Pvt, 1215 SE St., Fort Smith, Ark.
Bendle, Harold W., Pvt, 405 S. Hobart St., Stanford, Texas.
Berryman, William T., Pvt, Rt. 1, Bold Springs, Tenn.
Blair, Roy C., Cpl, Noble, Oklahoma.
Bolin, Jesse R., Sgt, Rt. 2, North, S. C.
Bray, Arthur M., Cpl., 1125 North Harvey, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Bullock, James A., S/Sgt, 700 W 6th, Ada, Oklahoma.
Bumpass, Horace M., S/Sgt, Rt. 1, Talala, Oklahoma.
Cahall, Noble F., Pfc, Lewisville, Pa.
Christ, Elvin D., Cpl, 1110 E. 3rd St., Sweetwater, Texas.
Clark, Edward S., T/Sgt, 417 N. Macomb, El Reno, Okla.
Clark, Edward C., Cpl, 6873 Milwaukee Ave., Niles, Ill.
Cole, Roy L., Cpl, Rt. 1, Box 72, Center, Mo.
Coticchia, Michael R., Pvt, 116 Dilworth St, Pittsburg, Pa.
Crow, Lee L., Cpl, 502 E. 11th St, Pawhuska, Oklahoma.
Darlington, Bruce A., Pvt, Rt. 4, Martinsburg, W. Va.
De Corpo, Mike A., Pvt, 1916 Woodlawn Ave., East Cleveland, Ohio.
Della Coletta, Albert, Pfc, Box 308, Piney Fork, Ohio.
Duchess, Marshall, Cpl, 751 Lake Ave NE, Massillon, Ohio.
Farris, Paul E., Cpl, Rt. 1, Dunbar, Pa.
Fitzsimmons, George, Pfc, Necedah, Wisc.
Folmer, Shirk B., Pvt, 907 Chestnut Street, Lebanon, Pa.
Fox, Bernard W., Cpl. Box 24, Lawrenceburg, Indiana.
Frye, Paul, Cpl, Rt. 3, Ada, Oklahoma.
Gazzola, Frank J., Sgt, 313 E 61st St., New York, N. Y.
Gourno, John L., Sgt, 1844 Detroit Avenue, Toledo, Ohio.
Griffith, Paul W., Cpl, Rd 1, Perryopolis, Pa.
Gruby, Carlton, Cpl, 214 W Park St., Rome, N. Y.
Haggerty, James W., Pfc, 50 Markle Courts, Connellsville, Pa.
Hammill, William T., Cpl, 7725 Bennett Street, Pittsburg, Pa.
Hardin, Simon D., Pfc, Roff, Oklahoma.
Harmon, William S., S/Sgt, 516 Garden Way, Hollidays Cove, W. Va.
Hoefke, Oscar R., Sgt, 1730 Ferry Street, La Crosse, Wisc.
Hollis, John W., Sgt, 913 S Cherry, Ada, Okla.
Hontula, John E., T/Sgt, 516 Ward Ave., Girard, Ohio.
Ingram, William W., Sgt, Rt. 1, Box 69, Choctaw, Oklahoma.
Jennison, Francis M., M/Sgt, Ringwood, Okla.
Johns, Elmore L., S/Sgt, 511 E 14th Street, Ada, Okla.
Jones, Davis S., Pfc, 1334 Fifth Ave, Akron, O.
Jones, Merle, 1st Sgt, 1712 N Cincinnati, Tulsa, Okla.
Kawecki, John J., 3511 Penn Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
Kirby, Loren L., S/Sgt, Pavillion, Wyo.
Krauss, Harry M., Cpl, 442 Amberson Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
Larson, Harold J., Sgt, Rt. 1, Youngstown, O.
Lauten, Fred C., T/Sgt, 3018 Hatherly Drive, St. Louis, Mo.
Lewis, Olin D., Pvt, Roff, Oklahoma.
Lewis, Roy A., Cpl, Roff, Oklahoma.
Long, Leroy D., Cpl, Philip, S. Dak.
Marcum, Clarence H., Pvt, St. Michaels, Md.
Marzocco, Joseph I., Pfc, 7031 Hamilton Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.
Matthews, Herbert J., Pvt, 31 Phillippi Ave, Uniontown, Pa.
McDaniels, Ross T., S/Sgt, Rt. 1, Parsons, Kansas.
McQuate, Doyle E., Pvt, Polk, Ohio.
Meharg, Douglas, S/Sgt, 1104 E Avenue, Lawton, Okla.
Mika, Andy, Pvt, Rt. 1, Coal Ridge, Ohio.
Miller, Donal E., Cpl, 1704 S Meridian Road, Youngstown, Ohio.
Miller, Robert F., Sgt, 1118 ½ Kanawha Blvd. E., Charleston, W. Va.
Miner, Charles J., Cpl, 25012 Midland, Detroit, Mich.
Morkunas, Peter T., Pvt, 260 44th Street, Pittsburg, Pa.
Mudge, David L., Cpl, 4220 Flora Street, Kansas City, Mo.
Myzk, Walter, Pvt, Box 185, Dillonvale, Ohio.
Nechvatal, Lawrence J., S/Sgt, 3233 W 44th St., Cleveland, Ohio.
Noll, William E., Pfc, Rt. 1, Martinsburg, W. Va.
Osborn, Jack P., 319 S Picher Street, Picher, Okla.
Peck, Norman A., Sgt, 687 E Main Street, Benton Harbor, Mich.
Peterlin, Andrew, Cpl, Rayland, Ohio.
Porter, James E., Cpl, 667 3rd Avenue, Ravenna, Ohio.
Ray, Clifford L., Cpl, 315 N Netta Street, Picher, Okla.
Royse, Walter W., Pvt, Rt. 2, Canfield, Ohio.
Schneider, Thomas I., Pvt, Rt. 4 Lake Park Blvd, Alliance, Ohio.
Schuessler, Harry K., Pvt, Box 1545, Uniontown, Pennslyvania.
Singletary, Myers E., Cpl, Box 236, Central, S. C.
Spears, Floyd M., Cpl, Fittstown, Okla.
Stack, Walter E., Pfc, Alexandria, Nebr.
Stockton, Raymond, Pvt, Mt. Braddock, Pa.
Sykes, Frederick S., Pvt, 2547 S Lawndale Ave, Chicago, Ill.
Taylor, Paul E., Cpl, 3rd Street, Brilliant, Ohio.
Thomas, Ernest I., Pfc, 528 S Champion, Columbus, Ohio.
Thompson, Albert T., Pfc, 1204 Springhill Ave, Natrona Heights, Pa.
Thompson, Louis D., Pvt, Harpers Ferry, W. Va.
Tisher, Harold A., Pvt, RFD 4, Ravenna, Ohio.
Tucker, Hubert C., Pvt, 330 W 16th St., Ada, Oklahoma.
Tucker, Morris E., Sgt, 330 W 16th St., Ada, Oklahoma.
Veselenak,Mike, Pvt, 116 N 9th Street, Byesville, Ohio.
Ward, Charles K., Pfc, Rt. 1, Box 3, Woodruff, W. Va.
West, Louie L., Cpl, Warren, Ark.
Williams, Dean M., Pvt, RFD 1, Cordova, Md.
Williams, Harman W., Pfc, 1701 1st Street, Moundsville, W. Va.
Williams, Robert L., Pvt, RFD 1, Roff, Okla.
Wynne, Sam B., Pfc, 1524 N Beard St., Shawnee, Oklahoma.




Alexander, Laurence, Pvt, 718 Boston St., Lynn, Mass.
Colburn, Charles F., Pfc, 410 W John St., Maumee, Ohio.
Cooper, Juble C., Cpl, Everton, Ark.
Edwards, Newton C., S/Sgt, Mansfield, Mo.
Feinberg, Julius, Cpl, 87 Auburn Street, Paterson, N. J.
Hansen, Walter E. G., Pvt, 5019 8th St., Washington, D. C.
Harkins, Edward J., Pfc, 102 Hamilton, New Brunswick, N.J.
Holland, William F., Cpl, 106 E 6th St., Little Rock, Ark.
Lee, Marion, Sgt, 203 Locust Street, El Dorado, Ark.
Panquerne, Reginald J., S/Sgt, 2822 Palmyra Street, New Orleans, La.
Williams, Henry F., Cpl, Rt. 1, Conway, Ark.







The members of this Battalion grieve the death of First Lieutenant Allan L. Hathaway who prowdly (sic) and bravely gave his to this country, the 18th day of November nineteen-hundred forty-four, while in the performance of his duty.
He was awarded the AIR MEDAL with TWO OAK LEAF CLUSTERS. His deeds and acts will always be remembered by the Officers and Men of this Battalion.



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