202nd Field Artillery Battalion
United States Army  World War II

United States Army World War II


WW II Medals and Awards


Most of the men who served in the 202nd Field Artillery Battalion during World War II were eligible for (but did not receive all of) the following authorized medals:

 American Campaign



European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign with one silver service star (in lieu of five bronze service stars) for the battles of Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes-Alsace (1), Central Europe, and the Rhineland.

(1) Although the 202nd Field Artillery Battalion fought in the Ardennes-Alsace Campaign of 16 December 1944 to 25 January 1945, the enlisted men (and maybe the officers, also) were not credited with that battle on their official personnel record and discharge papers.  That omission can be corrected by submitting an Application for Correction of Military Records to the Army Review Boards Agency.   The procedure is described at the bottom of this page.



Army of Occupation with Germany Clasp


World War II Victory



Some other possible medals are:


 American Defense Service  (Army personnel who performed active duty between September 8, 1939 and December 7, 1941)


Good Conduct


Bronze Star

Purple Heart






How to Request WW II Army Medals


If you are an Army Veteran or the next-of kin (un-remarried widow, eldest child, parent, eldest sibling, eldest grandchild) of an Army veteran, you may request a set of the authorized medals and decorations that the Veteran was eligible to receive when he left the Army.


You must send a written request along with a copy of the WD AGO Form 53-55 or other discharge papers (if available) to National Personnel Records Center.


A sample letter is shown below.




National Personnel Records Center

9700 Page Avenue

St. Louis, MO. 63132-5100



Dear Sir or Madam:


I am writing to request the issuance of medals and copies of the award certificates that (I, my late father, etc.) earned during World War II, but did not receive.

Please find enclosed a copy of (my, his, etc.) discharge papers (and Death Certificate if Veteran is deceased).



(Veteran or next-of-kin)




The Records Center will research the medals that the Veteran is entitled to and notify the Army Clothing and Heraldry Product Support Integration Directorate who will then issue all of the medals to the Veteran or next-of-kin.  This is done at no cost to you.  The process usually takes several months.





Correction of Military Records


Several years ago when I began researching the history of the 202nd Field Artillery Battalion in World War II, I discovered that the Battalion fought in the Ardennes-Alsace Campaign, but my father was not credited with that battle on his discharge papers (and did not receive a bronze battle star for that campaign on his European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal).


Further investigation revealed that the 202nd Field Artillery Battalion (as a unit) did receive credit in the Department of the Army UNIT CITATION AND CAMPAIGN PARTICIPATION CREDIT REGISTER (which lists all of the different Army units and their citations and battle participation).  


It is unknown why the men of the 202nd did not receive credit for the Ardennes-Alsace Campaign in their personnel records, but the omission can be corrected.  In February of 2009, I petitioned the Army Review Boards Agency to correct my father’s record and issue another battle star for the Ardennes-Alsace Campaign.  I submitted the required DD FORM 149 (APPLICATION FOR CORRECTION OF MILITARY RECORD) and supporting documents for their consideration.  The Board met in July 2009 and determined that the evidence presented was sufficient to warrant a recommendation for relief. As a result, the Board decided that all Department of the Army records of my father be corrected by showing he was entitled to a silver service star to be worn on his EAME Campaign Medal; and adding the Ardennes-Alsace Campaign to Item 32 (Battles and Campaigns) of his WD AGO Form 53-55. A new silver service star (in lieu of five bronze battle stars) was then mailed to me in October 2009.


If you are interested in correcting your father’s Army record - click on the link below to obtain a Department of Defense Form 149.







The form can be completed online and then printed via your computer.  Instructions for DD Form 149 are listed below.




Instructions for DD Form 149



1a. Check Army

1b. Veteran’s name

1c. Use rank at time of discharge

1d. Veteran’s Army Serial Number

1e. Veteran’s Social Security Number


2. Deceased


3. Honorable


4. Date of discharge (YYYYMMDD) format


5. My father did not receive credit in his official Army records for participation in the Ardennes-Alsace Campaign of 16 December 1944 to 25 January 1945 as a member of (Headquarters, “A”, “B”, etc.) Battery, 202nd Field Artillery Battalion.  You can also add any other medals or awards that he did not receive credit for on his WD AGO Form 53-55 (ENLISTED RECORD AND REPORT OF SEPARATION).  If he did receive credit for a certain medal or award, but it is simply missing or never received by him, do not list it here.  Request medals from the National Personnel Records Center as described at the top of this page.  If you are not sure of all of the medals and awards that your father was entitled to - contact me and I will attempt to assist you with that.


6. My Father should have received another Bronze Battle Star for his European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign  Medal since he was assigned to (Headquarters, “A”, “B”, etc.)  Battery, 202nd Field Artillery Battalion in the ETO during the time that unit was credited with participation in the Ardennes-Alsace Campaign. If any other medals are listed on Line 5 above - then add them here also (He should have received an Army of Occupation Medal with Germany Clasp, etc.).


7. (Headquarters, “A”, “B”, etc.) Battery, 202nd Field Artillery Battalion      and the date 19450125 for the Ardennes-Alsace Campaign.


8a. Use the date that you read about (discovered) the Ardennes-Alsace Campaign credit omission on the 202ndFieldArtillery web page.

8b. Insert N/A


9. A copy of my father’s WD AGO Form 53-55, his death certificate, my birth certificate, an excerpt from Army Pamphlet 672-1 (Unit Citation and Campaign Participation Credit Register), and excerpts from the 202nd Field Artillery Battalion's Unit Journal which was kept during combat. Please contact me for copies of these additional documents to be submitted as evidence.


10. Check NO that you do not want to appear before the board.


11. N/A


12. Next of kin  (You must include a copy of your father’s death certificate and, even though it is not stated on the form, a copy of your birth certificate to establish your relationship to the deceased Veteran).


13a. Your Address

13b. Your Telephone

13c. Your E-Mail


15. Your Signature


16. Date submitted in (YYYYMMDD) format



Print the completed DD Form 149 and mail it along with all of the supporting evidence documents listed on Line 9 to:



Army Review Boards Agency

Army Board for Correction of Military Records

1901 South Bell Street, 2nd Floor

Arlington, VA 22202-4508



This process may sound complicated and time consuming, but it is really not. You have the opportunity to correct you father’s military records once and for all.  Be patient - once you submit the paperwork, the process may take up to eight months before you receive the new medals.


I would be more than happy to assist you with obtaining your father’s medals or correcting his military records. You can contact me for assistance via email at:


contact “at” 202ndFieldArtillery.com  (replace “at” with the @ symbol when you type the address. I do not use a live email link here because of the software programs that spammers use to collect email addresses and then bombard you with junk mail).



Mark D. Mudge  November 2010















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