202nd Field Artillery Battalion
United States Army  World War II

United States Army World War II



T/5 David L. Mudge, Jr., HQ Battery (on left),
Private Frank Yasparro of "B" Battery, and 
an unknown soldier with a French girl at the
U.S. Riviera Recreational Area in Nice, France
on 11 June 1945.

Pfc. Louis Thompson of HQ Battery in France 1944 or 1945.  Markings on windshield are of the XV Corps.

Pfc. Louis Thompson. 
All Thompson photos courtesy of Mike Basore.

Staff Sergeant William T. Hammill
 of HQ Battery in Austria 1945.

Hitler's bombed Berghof mountain retreat at Obersalzberg, Austria in May 1945.  In addition to
Captain Harold Brown and T/5 David L. Mudge, Jr.,  several other members of the Deuce visited the residence.  Photo courtesy of Russell Whitman.

Map of Obersalzberg, Austria with Hitler's Berghof
at bottom center.  This US military issued map
ca. 1945 was carried folded in the pocket of
T/5 David L. Mudge, Jr. of HQ Battery

Defeated German soldiers heading back home from Austria in 1945.
 David Mudge Collection.

The Battalion was billeted at this
location in Austria in 1945.

Men of the Deuce at Camp Twenty Grand, France in November 1945. (L-R) Cpl. Elmer Ablet, Jr.,1st/Sgt Richard H. Keyes, unknown HQ clerk, S/Sgt John M. Bechdel and T/5 James E. Townsend.  
Russell Whitman photo.

Troop train circa 1945 (possibly the Nuremburg Transportation Depot) Merle Jones photo.

Ship that 1st/Sgt Merle Jones came home on
in September 1945.


T/5 David L. Mudge, Jr. pass for United States 
Riviera Recreational Area in Nice, France valid
from 4 June to 12 June 1945. He was quartered
in the Continental Hotel.

Unidentified member of the 202nd F.A. Bn.  at the U.S. Riviera Recreational Area in Nice, France on 11 June 1945.


Private Frank Yasparro of "B" Battery at the
U.S. Riviera Recreational Area in Nice, France on
11 June 1945. US Seventh Army patch on left sleeve.

Pfc. Louis Thompson  with Nazi transport plane and BF-109G fighter in background.  Probably taken in  Austria in 1945 after the War ended.

Pfc. Louis Thompson (center) in front of 208th Field Artillery Group kitchen.  Probably 1945 in Austria. 

Possibly S/Sgt Herman D. Jones in Austria 1945.

Residents of Seeham, Austria waiting in line to receive food scraps from U.S. Army camp at end of the war in 1945.  Photo courtesy of Russell Whitman

155mm howitzer of the 202nd in Eugendorf, Austria 1945
Russell Whitman photo.

S/Sgt Russell Whitman of "A" Battery in
Eugendorf, Austria 1945

202nd "A" Battery men at Camp Twenty Grand,
France in November 1945.  (L-R) Sgt. James Karwoski, unknown, unknown, and Pfc. Junior Frazier.
 Russell Whitman photo.

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