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When he enlisted in the United States Army Artillery six months prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, Harold Brown couldn’t possibly have known what fate had in store for him. Traveling from the high plains of Colorado to the battlefields of Europe, Harold experienced the war as many American GI’s did, enduring its trials and horrors, hoping for the day when he could finally come home.

Before that day would come to pass, however, he would be presented with a unique opportunity to not only touch history, but also to assist with the preservation of it. As a result, he would play a part in the recovery of the most important national symbols of Hungary: The Holy Right Hand and the Crown of St. Stephen.

As a young captain with the 202nd Field Artillery Battalion, Harold Brown went to war to defeat the evils of Nazism. What he experienced during the war would change his life forever.

Illustrated with over 160 photographs, many never before published, and written in an easy-to-read format, Howitzers, Grasshoppers, and the Holy Right Hand recalls Harold’s 4 ½  years in World War II. From the front lines with his artillery battalion (Howitzers), to the dozens of flights over the front lines in a low, slow, fabric-covered observation plane (Grasshoppers), to a final mission that resulted in the recovery of hidden treasure (The Holy Right Hand), the 413 page, 6”x9” soft-cover book details events as recalled by Harold.

Comments from readers have been very positive, with many stating that they enjoyed hearing the story of one man’s experience set amidst the backdrop of the Second World War, a dark, desperate time when the best, and worst, of humankind revealed itself.

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Framing History's Mission

Framing History seeks to preserve the accomplishments and sacrifices of the World War II Generation. All aspects of the war are covered: The war on the ground, in the air, at sea, and the Homefront. Framing History uses mementos and photographs from the War Years to create unique art for your collection.


The Artwork

Framing History offers framed and unframed artwork, museum-like covered displays, and custom design services. We have items that include a historic collectible, some of which are original artifacts from the War Years, allowing our customers to own a piece of history, and display it in an attractive, protective frame or display case. Unless noted otherwise, all art prints and many photographs are new, current productions.


The Frames

All of Framing History's frames are hand-assembled, and constructed from premium materials. All mat boards, mount boards and backing boards are acid-free, for long-term protection of the artwork and artifacts. Framing History uses conservation-grade, UV-blocking acrylic exclusively.

Your Own History To Frame

Framing History can frame your personal collection of historic items, of any time period. Please contact us for more information before sending your items.

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